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Our Aims

What is our target?

The Public Domain Project is a open-minded project (open to all persons) for the conservation and utilization of Public Domain music and film material. The project was founded in 2009 by Philippe Perreaux (Copyright lawyer) and Carl Flisch (Music historian). In 2010 we won a price of the Wikimedia Deutschland (global operator and owner of the Wikipedia Encyclopedia). Instead of money, Wikimedia sponsors a ELP Laser turntable (especially built in hand made for our project). With this machine we digitize our collection of rare 78 rpm records. After checking the copyright status we publish the public domain records as FLAC (Free Losless Audio Codec) inside the Music database of our MediaWiki and upload as Ogg-Vorbis to Wikimedia Commons.

One of our future targets is to build up a exhibition (or touring exhibition) of our collection that anyone can join us. Our technical capabilities exceed in most cases the equipment of public collections and archives in Europe. Therefore we intend to offer our services to digitize records and tapes for public and private archives.