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Shellac Archive

The Shellac Archive of the Swiss Foundation Public Domain consists of about 70'000 records. Roughly a third were private property of Carl Flisch before they were donated to the Foundation. Another third came from the collection of Martin Osterwalder. The rest was bought by the Project or the Foundation.

Currently inventory of the Archive is being established. During this phase no new records are acquired. However, the Foundation often receives smaller collections of private donors.


These are the current Board members of the Foundation:
Christoph Zimmermann (President)
Hartwig Thomas (Director)
Bruno Jehle (Cultural heritage)
Peter Ljunggren (Legal advisor)
Samuel Zünd (Musical expert)

Current Activity

It will take years to photograph all labels of our records and to digitize all sound tracks. While it is being assembled we make the digital part of our inventory accessible on-line to the general public.

Financial Situation

The financial situation of the Foundation does not yet guarantee its continued existence. More financial contributions are needed to pay for archive materials and the rent of office and storage space. All work for the Faundation is unsalaried. Currently Enter AG contributes a large part of the expense. More financial contributions are needed for the Foundation to pay for its own operating expense.